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    University of Wisconsin–Madison
    latern专业破解版安卓最新版 We are happy to be back. During Phase 1, we will be operating at reduced capacity. We will make every effort to keep turnaround times short as we understand there are many projects that have been waiting. We appreciate your patience and business. The UW Biotechnology Center is following University guidelines regarding COVID-19.
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    Mass Spec facility

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    Services that the Biotechnology Center can provide.

    Biotech Building


    The core facilities provide the services from the Biotechnology Center.



    Published works and labs that are within the Biotechnology Center.



    An Outreach program that provides workshops, events, and more.



    Scheduled events, past events, and Wednesday Night @ the Lab information.

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    Missing in Action

    The Missing in Action Recovery and Identification Project.

    The University of Wisconsin Biotechnology Center is committed to maximizing the benefits of biotechnology research within the University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Wisconsin System, State of Wisconsin, and the nation. The center facilitates high quality, comprehensive, multidisciplinary research and supports, coordinates, disseminates, and advances biotechnology.



    "The missing in action have not been forgotten. Not by a nation that sent them to war and not by a dedicated group of volunteers and researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison."

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    Airman Accounted For From World War II

    Army Air Forces 2nd Lt. Walter B. Stone, killed during World War II, was accounted for on Feb. 20, 2019. The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) thanked the University of Wisconsin for assistance in the recovery.

    • More details here in an article from DPAA
    • More information on the Missing in Action program
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    PBS Nova Featuring Dustin Rubinstein as expert on CRISPR

    "It's a huge leap forward." Find out why experts think yesterday's CRISPR news was such a big deal in #NOVALens: http://t.co/rTRF1CFB7G

    — NOVA | PBS (@novapbs) August 3, 2017
    Dustin Rubinstein

    Dr. Rubinstein received his PhD from Cornell University in 2008. He has extensive experience in genetics applied towards a diverse array of research topics, including neuroscience, behavior, reproduction, and bioinformatics. He has always sought to generate tools to best address important research questions. Dr. Rubinstein was most recently a member of a team led by Profs. Melissa Harrison, Kate O'Connor-Giles, and Jill Wildonger, and this group was the first to publish the use of CRISPR/Cas9 in Drosophila. In this team, he helped generate a dozen genome-edited flies and built a website to assistant CRISPR/Cas9 project design.

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